Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Melies Madness! - The Magician [Le Magicien] (1898)

A wizard (Georges Méliès) conjures a table and box out of thin air, then vanishes as he jumps toward the box. Pierrot emerges from the box, takes a seat, and suddenly a banquet appears on the table, but it vanishes along with the table and chair before he can eat. A man in an Elizabethan doublet taps him on the shoulder and he is transformed into a Renaissance sculptor. Lifting a half-finished bust onto a pedestal, he prepares to set to work on it with a hammer and chisel only for it to come to life and snatch his tools from him. He attempts to embrace the sculpture, but it disappears and reappears in a variety of poses. Finally, the Elizabethan man reappears to kick him in the rump.

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